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SEASON PORTRAITS is a series I started after my Mother Earth Series, where I represent each season with a face of nature. I love all the seasons because each season ignites the senses! 

Spring is full of energy and surprises, when we wait to see what chooses to sprout and bloom to life. We can feel nature at work, buzzing, stretching, bursting, not giving up. 

Summer buzzes and blooms! The plants, desperate to cool off, overgrow and create their own canopies. Summer is a time to explore and then submerge our tired bodies in cool refreshing water. 

Autumntemperatures cool down as the night matches the day. Warmth arrives in rich colors, in the landscape and also in the home. A vivid burst of expression before nature rests. 

Winter arrives slowing everything down. Bare tree branches to scratch the sky in this crisp simplified landscape. We conserve our energy as she does, and rest in creative contemplation.

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